About this coder

I’ve been coding since the early 1980s.  I got my first computer at 15 years old.  It was an Apple II+.  With 64k of RAM, a double set of floppy drives and that unforgettable monochrome green monitor,  it was a cutting edge personal computer.  We’ve come so, so far from those days.   Our computers are much more powerful now – memory is cheap and plentiful.  We are living in a time where at least code-wise if we can think it, odds are we can make it.

I love coding for the web.  I’m more of a full stack developer.   Every aspect of a web site interests me: the initial wire-frames, breaking the wire-frames into modules, determining the best ways to serve up those modules, handling data, normalizing data, storing data, pulling the data, putting the data in user friendly formats, enhancing the visual appeal of the website, giving the site that wow excitement and knowing I was there to participate in all of it every step of the way.

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